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...a designer and web developer of sorts based in Salt Lake City, UT. I work as a Software Engineer at InsideSales.com. I write about stuff I'm doing, how-to's, and opinions about web stuff here.

Ionic Framwork – Import Phone Contacts

I have been working with the Ionic Framework the past couple of months building a hybrid web/native app. There are a few cool things that I have been able to do, like sending push notifications, text messages, and getting access to phone contacts through my app. This post in particular will give you an example […]


Making a Weather App with AngularJs and $HTTP Requests

AngularJS has some awesome stuff out of the box that allows for making data requests to an API a breeze. With the $http module, we can make an Asynchronous Javascript and XML (aka AJAX) request in only a few lines of code. If you haven’t used Angular yet, making requests with $http is similar to […]