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...a designer and web developer of sorts based in Salt Lake City, UT. I work as a Software Engineer at InsideSales.com. I write about stuff I'm doing, how-to's, and opinions about web stuff here.

React – Import External Libraries With Webpack

I’ve been writing a lot more with React these days, and along with React I’ve learned some new build tools that are commonly accepted among the React community, namely Webpack. If you are familiar with Webpack, you know it’s pretty simple to include a list of javascript files you want bundled. When using import or […]


Ionic Framwork – Import Phone Contacts

I have been working with the Ionic Framework the past couple of months building a hybrid web/native app. There are a few cool things that I have been able to do, like sending push notifications, text messages, and getting access to phone contacts through my app. This post in particular will give you an example […]